Common Orthodontic Questions

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Q: How much do braces cost?

Q: How much do braces cost? Fees differ depending on the type of treatment necessary. Following an initial exam by Dr. Chorak, you will receive an individual breakdown of costs. The initial exam is free and total cost includes records, treatment, follow-up appointments, and any appliances that are necessary (headgear, retainers, etc.).

Q: Does the doctor really run on time?

We make every effort to run on schedule and are very successful. You can help us keep our track record by being on time, brushing well, taking care of your appliances, and following all instructions. Please call if you have a loose or missing bracket so that we can schedule extra time.

Q: Does Orthodontic Treatment hurt?

Today's new techniques and materials have significantly reduced the degree of discomfort. However, there is a little discomfort following banding and subsequent adjustments. Usually, Tylenol or Advil is all it takes to feel better.

Q: Why do you need braces if teeth are straight but bite is off?

Orthodontics isn't only for a beautiful smile. A good, healthy bite helps eliminate other health problems in later years. It also helps save teeth from wearing down.

Q: How much longer do I have until I get my braces off?

After the initial exam, we will give you an estimate of treatment time. This is our best guess as to how long it will take to create the perfect smile. As treatment continues, you will be kept informed of your progress. Missed or rescheduled appointments, lack of cooperation, not wearing elastics or headgear, or any physiological delays can greatly effect treatment time. Following all instructions and keeping appointments is your best insurance to finishing treatment on time.

Q: For how long do I have to wear my retainers?

Retention is for life. For the first three months, you'll need to wear your retainer for 24 hours a day. After, only nighttime wear is needed. However, it depends on your individual treatment and the degree of difficulty in maintaining your teeth in the corrected position.

Q: What is a bite plate for?

A bite plate is worn on your upper teeth to prevent them from dislodging brackets on your lower teeth. It also allows for the leveling of the lower dental arch. In addition, the bite plate will increase the facial height of a patient.

Q: How long is full Orthodontic Treatment?

Typically, treatment lasts 18-30 months but is dependent on the difficulty of the case and the amount of treatment needed. After your initial exam, we will give you an individualized estimate of treatment time.