Your First Visit

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Each individual's orthodontic needs are different and deserve personalized attention. Your initial visit is an important opportunity for us to get to know you and to help determine your orthodontic goals. If timing is appropriate, you may expect to have some initial records taken either at this time or during a subsequent visit. These records provide our orthodontists with essential information for diagnosis and treatment.

At your first visit, our Orthodontists will give you (or your child) a thorough orthodontic examination. This entails looking at your teeth and jaws, and how they fit together. We will then review their findings with you. If it is determined that orthodontic care is necessary, we will explain how long treatment should take and the procedures involved. We will also provide you with the payment options available.

We are confident that the friendly atmosphere of our office combined with our highly trained professional team will make for a positive experience for you and your child.